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Ladders, Platforms & Handrails for SFI Tanks & Vessels哪个app可以买lol比赛,有什么给lol投注的软件,lol比赛投注网站


Ladders, platforms & handrails offer safe access to tanks哪个app可以买lol比赛,有什么给lol投注的软件,lol比赛投注网站

Many of the tanks and vessels built by Stainless Fabrication are outfitted with accessories that allow safe access to various parts of the tanks.? We follow OSHA guidelines when designing this type of equipment for use with tanks.? A variety of equipment combinations and materials are available.

Tank accessory options

  • Fixed steel ladders (without a cage; up to 20’ in climbing length)
  • Fixed steel caged ladders (up to 30’ in climbing length)
  • Steel handrail and toe board (around perimeter of tank top head)
  • Safety gates (for caged ladder and handrail combinations)
  • Steel rest platforms (provide a rest-stop every 30’ to top of tank)
  • Steel crossover platforms & catwalks (for access from top of one tank to an adjacent tank)
  • Winding steel staircase (wraps around tank perimeter; minimum tank diamerter is 5-feet)
  • Stand-alone steel spiral stairs (only available in limited cases per OSHA guidelines)
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Materials of construction for tank accessories

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel, prime painted
  • Carbon steel, primed and painted
  • Carbon?steel,?galvanized
  • Stainless or carbon steel serrated grating for platforms
  • Stainless or carbon steel traction tread plate for steps
  • Stainless or carbon steel toe plate

Due to shipping size restrictions, ladders and platforms are typically shipped?separate?from tanks for installation in the field. ?Depending on length, handrails may be shipped already installed on the tank.? In either case, SFI test-installs these accessories prior to shipment to ensure a proper fit in the field.

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