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Two tanks in one... This is the kind of work that requires master craftsmen tank fabricators. It's big and heavy and requires a great deal of skill to lay it out and build it correctly.

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Our headquarters are centrally located in Springfield Missouri, along Interstate 44, providing easy access for shipping or mobilization of our field crews to jobsites...

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Stainless Fabrication, Inc. - established May 6, 1985! We thank our personnel, our customers and our vendors for 35 great years and look forward to many more.....

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Not everything we build goes out the door to customers. Many of our fixtures, racks and component parts for our own fabrication equipment come from our shop floor.

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It's not art, it's a stainless steel tank. This particular tank is 35 feet in diameter and 80 feet tall from top to bottom. It has a polished interior and will be used for...

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Working with customers from various industries with a wide range of requirements has trained us to pull from one to recommend improvements for another.

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When building tanks on-site at customer facilities, the first thing we do is fabricate the top head and install its components.

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Like so many companies around the world, Stainless Fabrication is making the best of it. We are doing everything we can to help stop the spread of coronavirus...

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Radiography examines the welds for internal material defects. It is most often used to assess the quality of butt joints, circumferential and...

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