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We work as a team to provide custom solutions and quality products for our customers while remaining dedicated to our employees and communities!

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Since 1985, the high quality workmanship of a custom SFI-built tank combined with a company-wide commitment to our customers has provided the opportunity for continued growth and expansion to better serve you.

SFI personnel have over 1600 years of combined experience which allows us to partner with our customers and work through the challenges of a new tank project. From our regional managers and in-house engineering staff to our skilled shop and field fabrication teams, SFI handles each project with precision, giving attention to detail and using our expertise to ensure that your tank is built to your requirements.

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SFI fabricates tanks on-site at customer locations, as well as in our facility. We have been navigating complex job sites and building tanks in excess of 600,000 gallons for over 30 years.? SFI can build what you need, when and where you need it!

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During business hours, phone calls are answered by an SFI employee. If your Regional Manager isn’t available and you need to speak with someone right away, we’ll connect you with one of our many qualified team members who can assist you. You won’t just be sent to voicemail or kept on hold. Your call really is important to us!?

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SFI occupies over 100,000 square feet of production floor in our facility in Springfield Missouri. We have customers in 48 states and 13 foreign countries.

Certifications & Standards

There are a variety of rules, standards and guidelines governing the design, fabrication and inspection of stainless steel tanks and vessels.

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Company History

Growing from just three employees in 1985 to about 200 personnel today, we attribute our continued growth and success to our dedicated employees...

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Environmentally Conscious

We are making a conscious effort to preserve the environment whenever possible.

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Plant Visits

We are proud of our facility and the work we do here as well as in the field and would love to show you around our facility.

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The personal health and safety of each employee, customer and visitor on SFI premises is of great importance to us.

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Sales Personnel & Customer Service

Life is made easier with our one point of contact process.

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The growth we’ve experienced since opening in 1985 is due in large part to the relationships we’ve built with our customers.

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Featured Projects

SFI has the experience needed for a variety of tank projects, from simple one-tank requirements to multi-million dollar projects.

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